Who are we?

We are a team of students from Ecole Centrale Paris undertaking a research project regarding “Potential of Microgrid solutions – market segmenting criteria”. So far we have started our project by analyzing the Microgrid stereotypes. Potentially, the final goal of our project is to create a segmentation guiding to the commercialization of Microgrid applications since we believe that Microgrid is one of most potential solutions for alarming problems such as emissions of CO2 and waste of limited primary energy.
What is Migrids?
Migrids is a microgrid oriented business directory. It lists almost all communities that have microgrid installed. You easily can find an existing project, compare it with other projects and sort them by group of similar communities. The search algorithm has been developed in order to get the best experience while searching for a community. For each project, we have designed a project portfolio that includes all information about the project. For every project portfolio we have included a space for companies that have worked on the project can show the world what they have done so far. It is a new way for existing microgrid to understand how they work and for people who want to build s similar one, to undertake the best decisions with the best stakeholders.
What are the benefits of Migrids?
Another Business Directory does not make sense today, because they all look the same and use the same search logic. Thus, we created the best Business Directory you could ever think of, far beyond your expectations. With Migrids, it is a new business process that has been created. Through Migrids, our “easy to find” tool, finding a community using microgrid is really simple. Moreover you can now match and compare communities one by one or search for community groups that we selected because we think they are the most relevant of their class.

The most impressive feature of our website is what we call WIW (Who Is Who). WIW is a breakthrough feature that helps entrepreneurs to find out who has done what in each project. For companies that have worked in the project that work in that field, it means visibility, and for people who want to build a microgrid, it means facilitate all the research process, because if it already done elsewhere...